Thursday, October 17, 2013

Prompt: Discuss how you used pen and ink, marker, watercolor or other material to create your piece. Also explain your creative process in developing your ideas and final product. You can tell me a story and take us through your accomplishments and struggles.

          I used watercolor and pen and ink to create my piece. I made a frame out of black construction paper. I was going to make my project wider because I was going to draw the bridge next to it, but I thought that was going to be hard so I made it a square. I printed out a detailed photo of the Eiffel Tower out and cut it out from the background so that I could trace it. I drew the rest of the lines with the help of the photo.
          I thought that the piece was too dark and that there was not enough value, so I painted the clouds over it with a circular sponge and re drew the Eiffel Tower lines on top when it dried. The green bushes were last. I used a sharpie.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Prompt: Describe how you developed your ideas for the project. How does the point of view impact the overall feel of the drawing? Discuss your creative process and how you challenged yourself to produce a quality piece.

I developed my ideas for the project by coming up with ten ideas for the project and choosing the one that I liked the best. The point of view impacted the overall feel of the drawing by making the turtle look larger than the things in the background and more important and independent. I started off making the turtle and the log really light but then I added more values. I challenged myself to make a good piece by making the log look 3D and making the turtle and background look better.