Drawing Final Exam

1. My most successful project was the Oh The Places We Will Go project. The theme for the project was travel, so I chose to draw a picture of the Eiffel Tower. In this project I used pens and watercolor. first I used pictures from the internet to draw sketches of the Eiffel Tower. Then I painted a watercolor background onto the project paper and drew the Eiffel Tower onto it when it dried. Then I painted the clouds and redrew the tower lines. I added the green dots for trees last. I think that the choices I made were beneficial to enhancing the project because they made the project better overall. My use of watercolor enhanced the sky and the clouds made the tower pop out and make the piece look lighter.

2. The piece I overcame the most obstacles with was with the prismacolor animal drawing. It was hard for me to use prismas because I don't use prismas very often. It was challenging to draw the ocean because I needed to make it look realistic and I needed to draw a shadow under the dolphin. The clouds were also difficult because I needed to make them the right shape. The dolphin was hard because the shadows on the tail needed to look right. I mixed colors in the ocean and on the dolphin to make them look realistic and made the shadows where they needed to be. This project made me a better artist by introducing me to prismacolors and letting me try them out.

3. The perspective drawing and the paper bag project best show my growth as an artist. I think that the perspective drawing shows that I have gotten better at pencil drawing. In application to materials, I used a pencil to draw the right way. My techniques and skills got better in this project when I drew the different areas of the project. My artistic vision improved when I drew this project when I drew the different objects in the piece. My use of the principles and elements improved when I was planning this project and deciding what principles and elements to use. My creativity got better when I used the different drawing techniques and improved my skills. My intuition improved when I planned out the project and decided what to draw. The subject matter of my projects improved because I decided to use better subject matter. In my paper bag drawing, my application of materials improved because I learned how to use charcoal correctly. My techniques improved when I learned how the different ways to use charcoal to draw. My artistic vision improved when I learned how shadows look on a paper bag. My use of principles and elements improved when I learned how to draw shadows. My creativity improved when I got creative with charcoal. My intuition improved when I learned how to make good lines and shadows. The subject matter of my projects got better when I learned how to draw better with charcoal.

4. The use of new teaching and learning this semester was more effective because the material was very interesting and fun. I liked how we learned how to use many different materials, including pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, and charcoal. We learned new techniques that helped make the pieces better and the class more interesting. I think that next semester there should be more prismacolor projects. I liked the prismas because they were a little more interesting than charcoal and pencil. Some work with pastels would have been nice too.

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